Youyou Zhou is a visual journalist with an interest in data, design, and reporting. She works in digital design and interactive graphics at Graphicacy in Washington, D.C. Zhou recently received dual bachelor’s degrees in the Convergence Journalism program at the University of Missouri and the print journalism program at Fudan University. She has worked in newspaper design, science reporting, and video production. She is a contributor to the ChinaFile partner site CNPolitics.

Last Updated: May 2, 2014



China’s Fallen Mighty [Graphic]

David M. Barreda, Youyou Zhou & more
Over the past thirty-eight years, twelve of China’s top leaders have been purged. This infographic and the bios of these leaders explain how and why these mighty men fell. Download the high-resolution graphic.



China’s Fallen Mighty [Updated]

Ouyang Bin, Zhang Mengqi & more
Political infighting and purges have been hallmarks of the Chinese Communist Party since its earliest days but came to a peak during Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution, damaging the country and paralyzing the Party itself. When Mao died in 1976, it...