Du Fu Is Very Busy

The 1300th birthday anniversary of the great Chinese poet Du Fu will be celebrated this year. An illustration of Du Fu in Chinese literature textbooks has recently been the inspiration for a spat of creative graffiti and videos. In them, he has been depicted participating in such diverse activities as riding a motorcycle, selling watermelons, and delivering bottled water—leading some netizens to proclaim that 1300 years after his death, Du Fu is suddenly quite busy.

Selected comments from Tudou:

春波媚: It’s become shameless and deplorable. As a historical poet of China, Du Fu should be respected by all Chinese people. It’s unexpected that these followers would be so shameless, this is kuso. I don't know what kind of community you are, or how many people are in it. Today I saw what you had written and scribbled about Du Fu. I think as the younger generation, of course, and supposing you are Chinese, from your homepage it seems you aim to punish evil and promote good. But do you think graffiting Du Fu is the same thing? Du Fu is a great historical poet, respected so much by later generations. In making a mockery of his life, do you not think you’re losing face?

知者承担: He was a great man who was down-and-out in his old age. His wife left him, his son starved to death, and he finished his life alone on a boat. Now, generations later, he’s treated by you like this. Do you really think it is funny? It is heartbreaking!!!

忘爱0315: In 365 days of the year, how many vacations do teachers have? How many days off? Have you ever counted? The poor students and their tuition fees are only in school but a few days and are being taught to be so ignorant!!!... The famous people of ancient times are abused by these ignorant people. Oh poor ignorant teachers and students, you should do some soul-searching!

飞马久久: A prodigal. Tarnishing 5 thousand years of Chinese culture. Think about when you’re dead. Afterward people parody you like this. How will your descendants feel. A pile of mental retardation still causing a disturbance. How can you not feel ashamed. Do you deserve to be called Chinese.

87516356: I’m almost in tears laughing so hard, hahahaha I like these so much. Chinese culture needs to have a more forgiving nature. Those with rotten thoughts need to question themselves a bit about blotting out the creative ideas of the younger generation. They don’t want to notice this unrelenting criticism. I think it’s good. Students are tired, this is a way to decompress. All this is is a little amusement. This criticism isn’t fun, it’s lamentable!!

凤求凰: When we were that age, how come we didn’t have so many imaginative ideas. Otherwise, our literature class wouldn’t have been so boring

永康爱海兰: Although I’m from the ‘80s generation, I also drew a fair amount in my textbooks at school. But seeing these, I must admit they’re better. They’re talented!!! It seems that it’s no longer a dream that Chinese cartoon and animation industries have surpassed Japan to become number one in the world, haha!!!

Only_yun: We should encourage them, not kill children’s imaginations

猫咪の甜饭团: I really can’t understand these people who have such moral superiority. Nine out of ten people draw silly pictures in their books when they're in school. This is so harsh. After reading this, I recall that my own youth wasn’t so good. I don’t think these people who write sentence after sentence of ornate moral and patriotic sentiment in reality are so perfect. People who are so indignant and can’t be tolerant should go home and teach their own kids.

lin121318: It’s inappropriate to spoof an ancient icon who’s been dead for hundreds of years~~