Implementation Plan to Deepen and Expand the Pilot Project of Constructing New Era Civilization Practice Centers

The Central Guidance Commission on Building Spiritual Civilization promulgated the following document, “Implementation Plan to Deepen and Expand the Pilot Project of Constructing New Era Civilization Practice Centers,” on October 23, 2019. The original Chinese text follows ChinaFile’s English translation.

Document from the Central Guidance Commission on Building Spiritual Civilization

Civilization Commission [2019] Number 5

Notice of the Civilization Commission on the Printing and Distribution of the “Implementation Plan to Deepen and Expand the Pilot Project of Constructing New Era Civilization Practice Centers”

To Building Spiritual Civilization Commissions in all provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, and in the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, and to members of the Central Guidance Commission on Building Spiritual Civilization:

With the approval of the leading comrades of the Central Government, we have hereby printed and distributed to you the “Implementation Plan to Deepen and Expand the Pilot Project of Constructing New Era Civilization Practice Centers.” Please implement it in accordance with the realities in your respective regions and departments.

Central Guidance Commission on Building Spiritual Civilization

October 23, 2019

* * *

Implementation Plan to Deepen and Expand the Pilot Project of Constructing New Era Civilization Practice Centers

The construction of New Era Civilization Practice Centers is a major strategic and comprehensive policy set forth by the Party’s Central Committee, promoting Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era so that it may penetrate people’s hearts and take root. It is a significant exploration into how the Party can go the “last mile” in the implementation of its work with the masses. In August 2018, the General Office of the Central Committee issued “Guiding Opinion on the Work of Constructing New Era Civilization Practice Centers Pilot Project,” and over the past year this pilot project has achieved positive results. In order to clarify the requirements, consolidate results, further deepen and expand the pilot project, and promote the construction of centers and achieve actual results, the following plan has been put forward.

1. Clear Work Goals

Adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and implement the “Regulations for Propaganda Work by the Chinese Communist Party.” Consider each county region as an integral whole, and each county, town, and village as one three-level unit. Use volunteer service as the primary means, and resource integration as the primary method. Taking the satisfaction of the masses to be the basic standard, coordinate progress toward the following five major goals: to encourage the study and practice of scientific theories, to publicize and promote Party policies, to cultivate mainstream values, to enrich and enliven cultural life, and to continue the thorough reform of traditions and customs. Make every effort to construct New Era Civilization Practice Centers that are grounded, vigorous, and sustainable. Work to make them mass platforms for the study and dissemination of scientific theory, as well as to strengthen the position of grassroots ideological and political work, to produce a spiritual home in which to cultivate new people and new customs for this era, and to provide a broad platform to launch volunteer service with Chinese characteristics.

2. Broaden the Scope of the Pilot Project

In accordance with the principles of proceeding surely and steadily, making gradual progress, putting forth continuous effort, and effecting long-term success, the scope of the pilot program of constructing New Era Civilization Practice Centers will be extended to all 31 provinces (districts, cities) and to the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps. The number of pilot counties (cities, districts) will be increased from the original 50 pilot counties (cities, districts) by an additional 450, for a total of 500.

The pilot project period will run for one year, from October 2019 to October 2020.

3. Focus on Key Tasks

1) Raise high the banner of ideology and build the centers into public platforms for studying and disseminating scientific theory. Adhere closely to the realities of rural ways of thinking, producing, and living, while adopting new organizational formats, methods of dissemination, and modes of speech. Deeply expound the firm ideals and beliefs, lofty values, and sincere feelings of the people that run through Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era via rich and varied propaganda, education, and practical activities. Make theoretical propaganda and ideological education more grounded, more energetic, and warmer. Utilize comparisons of past and present as well as contrasts between the national and the international, take full advantage of local “red” resources, pay attention to the historical inheritance passed from the older generation to the younger, let those around you talk about their own lives, speak in easily comprehensible terms, and discuss world affairs in simple language. Guide people to strengthen the “Four Self-Confidences” and firm up their determination to follow the Party on the road of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics. Focus on important concepts and grand strategies such as “winning the war on poverty,” “implementing strategies for rural revitalization,” “cherishing the mountains and rivers of home,” and “happiness results only from struggle.” Organize and develop different kinds of civilized practices and activities. Integrate theoretical preaching with service, cultural life, people’s circumstances and experiences, and emotional communication, so that the masses can increase their understanding and clearly head in the right direction through participation and experience, thereby truly internalizing scientific theory in their hearts and externalizing it in their actions.

2) Fulfill the political duty to build the centers into strongholds from which to strengthen grassroots ideological and political work. Sincerely implement the “Regulations for Propaganda Work by the Chinese Communist Party,” strengthen the construction of New Era Civilization Practice Centers, fulfill the duties of disseminating propaganda to, educating, leading, and serving the masses, and properly carry out ideological and political work according to local conditions. Comrades with primary responsibility from county and city Party committees will serve as the directors of the New Era Civilization Practice Centers and as the captains of volunteer service teams, taking on the primary duties of building the centers, engaging in the overall planning, serving as frontline leaders, and actively leading the charge. They will organically integrate the construction of the centers with poverty alleviation, rural revitalization, grassroots Party building, and urban and rural economic and social development. They will guide village and town leaders to perform and fulfill their duties, creating a working structure in which the three levels of secretaries take the lead and many departments collaborate to carry out the work. Make full use of the Civilization Practice Centers for overall planning, coordinating, commanding, and dispatching, so that they may function as comprehensive grassroots cultural services centers, Party centers, cultural halls, rural reading rooms, and other local facilities. Bring together patriotic education bases, commemorative sites, former residences of famous figures, martyrs’ cemeteries, and other red resources. Consolidate the clout of groups, organizations, business enterprises, and state-run institutions, as well as “five olds” personnel [former soldiers who fought in the Sino-Japanese War or the War of Liberation], public welfare workers, and others. Break down divisional interests and parochialism, and improve the coordinated utilization of public services and resources at the county, town, and village levels to achieve a profound transformative progression from “physical changes” to “chemical reactions” all the way to “ecological effects.”

3) Focusing on the achievement of virtue and the cultivation of the young, use the construction of centers to develop new people for this era and to produce a spiritual home for new customs for this era. Thoroughly study and vigorously adapt to new situations and new changes, aiming at the ideological and practical needs of different groups of people and different targets. Integrate the resolution of ideological problems with the resolution of practical problems, and integrate the establishment of new cultural trends, the promotion of uprightness, and the fight against unhealthy trends and evil influences, in order to resolve the rural masses’ ideological confusion along with their practical problems, and to create a clean and upright social environment. Fully utilize and promote positive role models and the example and leadership of good people. Design appropriate activities and message carriers, vigorously promote core socialist values throughout the whole society, help role models better inspire the masses, and make the masses respect good people, learn from good people, and do good deeds. Meticulously design and implement mass activities and message carriers such as “My Homeland and Me,” develop diverse forms of patriotic education, and vigorously promote a noble spirit of patriotic struggle and contribution. Rural Civilization Practice Institutes and Practice Stations must strengthen their practical and moral guidance, dig firmly into the frontlines of working with the masses, and make every effort to establish benchmarks for civilized rural customs and become a support for rural governance. Focus on transforming social traditions and customs; promote the improvement of village regulations, folk conventions, and behavioral norms. Guide the masses to consciously resist feudal superstitions, religious infiltration, clan influences, and so on, as well as to resist obsolete customs and degenerate and backward cultural corrosion, while cultivating civilized folk customs, positive family traditions, and unassuming manners.

4) Improve operational mechanisms and build the centers into a broad platform for the launching of volunteer service with Chinese characteristics. Have an accurate understanding of the nature and implications of volunteer service with Chinese characteristics. Manifest the moral background of “learning from Lei Feng’s volunteer service,” and carry forward the spirit of volunteer service with “contribution, friendship, mutual assistance, and progress.” Do not indiscriminately copy from other countries’ experience with volunteer service; rather, learn from their mistakes. Closely tie together national conditions with concrete realities, and actively seek out volunteer service with Chinese characteristics, especially in terms of efficacious paths for volunteer service in civilized practices. Strengthen the organization and leadership of volunteer services, and carry out targeted deconstruction and cultivation, emphasizing high quality volunteer service programs that address the urgent requirements of the masses and their distinct characteristics. Use branded programs to gather volunteer service forces and large-scale service of the masses. Organize Party members, cadres, and professionals as volunteers, and mobilize the masses for self-service and self-improvement. Actively explore an interlinked working format of ordinary people “putting in orders,” the centers “sending out orders,” volunteers “receiving orders,” and the masses “reviewing the orders,” while continuously improving the refinement and professionalism of service programs. Focus attention and energy on older empty-nesters, left-behind children, and the impoverished. Use targeted and normalized volunteer services to help them resolve life’s practical difficulties and to make them feel the warmth of the Party and of the society. The county level should implement volunteer service units, and realistically improve the organization of regional volunteer services, activate the latent amicability of the masses, mutually build positive energy, and set up efficient volunteer service platforms that have personnel, programs, and plans. Based on these platforms, improve professional training, strengthen the link between supply and demand, and continuously raise the quality of service. Establish a system of incentives and rewards, improve safeguards, and enhance volunteers’ sense of pride and honor through evaluation and assessment, a points system, courtesy and care, and guide volunteers to put down roots and form an emotional connection with the countryside.

4. Strengthen Organization and Leadership

1) Intensify work instruction. The Central Propaganda Department and the Central Civilization Office will continue to perform their responsibilities in leading the organization and supervising implementation, the pilot project steering committee will perform their role to the utmost, and the executive committee of the Central Propaganda Department will continue to be responsible for selecting sites for the pilot program. Members of the relevant units of the Central Civilization Commission will actively participate in guiding the selection of sites, combining their functions and responsibilities in action, cooperating with each other, and joining forces. The Party propaganda departments at the provincial and city levels will treat the construction of these centers as an important means of protecting uprightness and innovation, and of opening up new departments. Those comrades with primary responsibility will personally take charge, make concrete efforts, and strengthen the overall planning. They will consider and deploy the construction of these centers within the grander scope of ideological propaganda work and ideological political work, participating on a grassroots level, visiting the sites, striving to be models, making up for any shortcomings, and serving as exemplars for those who come after.

2) Fully employ “command headquarters.” County-level Party committees are responsible for the construction of the Civilization Practice Centers and will serve as the frontline command headquarters. They must grasp the correct direction, set the correct orientation, diligently perform their duties, make the best use of good leadership and cohesive progress, and explore and improve the working mechanisms of “centers blowing the whistle, departments mobilizing, and all parties participating,” forming a tightly unified structure of centers, institutes, and stations on the provincial, town, and village levels. County-level Party committee propaganda departments will collectively plan and promote the construction of the centers and do grassroots ideological propaganda work. They must not become “two separate skins” or produce needless duplication. Unite organized progress with ways of attracting the masses. Inspire large-scale participation by the masses in civilized practices by harnessing their own enthusiasm, initiative, and creativity. Lead them to employ their own special knowledge and conscious practice to create a lively situation in which everyone participates, everyone serves, and everyone benefits.

3) Boldly practice innovation. Deepen, elaborate, and concretize the requirements of the Central Party’s “Guiding Opinion” for the pilot program. Break through some outdated ways of thinking and entrenched models, and promote the implementation of civilized practices to achieve visible results. Persist in leading the charge and working on the frontlines, and guard against formalism and bureaucracy. Within the bounds of the realities of a given situation, show a pioneering spirit, bravely innovate and create, actively explore different models of effective paths forward, and actively explore effective mechanisms for connecting Civilization Practice Centers with county-level media centers and the “Xuexi Qiangguo” platform [the “Study and Strengthen the Nation” app], using grassroots creativity to spark the vitality of civilized practices.

Attachment: List of pilot counties (city, district, banner) where New Era Civilization Practice Centers will be built.

* * *

Bulletin from: Politburo Members, Secretary of the Central Committee Secretariat, the Premier and Vice Premier of the State Council, and the State Councilors.

Sent to: General Office of the Central Committee and the General Office of the State Council. Party Committees of all provinces, autonomous regions, direct-controlled municipalities, various central ministries and agencies, the Party groups (Party committees) of various state ministries and agencies, the major units of the People’s Liberation Army, the Party committees of various ministries of the Central Military Commission, and Party groups within various People’s organizations. Members of the Central Guidance Commission on Building Spiritual Civilization.

Issued by the Office of the Central Guidance Commission on Building Spiritual Civilization

October 24, 2019

* * *


文明委 [2019] 5号





2019年10月23 日

* * *


建设新时代文明实践中心,是党中央从战略和全局上作出的重大决策,是推动习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想深入人心、落地生根的重大举措,是党的群众工作落地落实、打通“最后一公里”的重要探索。 2018年8月,中央办公厅印发《关于建设新时代文明实践中心试点工作的指导意见》,一年来,试点工作取得积极成效。为明确要求、 巩固成果,进一步深化拓展试点工作,推动中心建设取得实效,现提出如下方案。


坚持以习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想为指导,贯彻落实《中国共产党宣传工作条例》,以县域为整体,以 县、乡镇、村三级为单元,以志愿服务为基本形式,以资源整合为抓手,以群众满意为根本标准,统筹推进学习实践科学理论、宣传宣讲党的政策、培育践行主流价伯、丰富活跃文化生活、持续深入移风易俗等五项重要内容,着力推动新 时代文明实践中心建设接地气有活力可持续,努力成为学习传播科学理论的大众平台、加强基层思想政治工作的坚强阵地、培养时代新人和弘扬时代新风的精神家园、开展中国特色志愿服务的广阔舞台。


按照稳扎稳打、逐步推进、持续用力、久久为功的原则,将新时代文明实践中心建设试点范围覆盖到全国31个 省〔区、市)和新疆生产建设兵团,试点县(市、区)数 量在原有50个试点县(市、区)基础上,增加450个,总 量扩大到500个。



1. 高举思想旗帜,把中心建设成为学习传播科学理论的大众平台。 贴近农民思想实际和生产生活实际,采取新的组织形式、传播手段、话语方式,通过丰富多彩的宣传教育和实践活动,深入阐释习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想中贯穿的坚定理想信念、崇高价值追求、真挚人民情怀,使理论宣传和思想教育更接地气、更有活力、更有温度。通过今昔的对比、国内国际的比较,充分运用本地的红色资源,注重老一辈和年青一代的历史传承,让身边人说身边事、用百姓话说百姓事、用大白话说天下事,引导人们增强“四 个自信”,坚定跟党走中国特色社会主义道路的信心决心。围绕 “打赢脱贫攻坚战” “实施乡村振兴战略” “望得见山、看得见水、记得住乡愁” “幸福都是奋斗出来的” 等重要理念、重大战略,组织开展多种形式的文明实践活动,把理论宣讲与惠民服务、文化生活、情景体验、情感交流等相结合,让群众在参与和体验中增进了解理解、明确前进方向, 真正把科学理论内化于心、外化于行。

2. 落实政治责任,把中心建设成为加强基层思想政治工作的坚强阵地。 认真执行《中国共产党宣传工作条例》, 加强新时代文明实践中心建设,履行宣传群众、教育群众、 引领群众、服务群众的职责,因地制宜做好思想政治工作。 县市党委主要负责同志担任文明实践中心主任和志愿服务总队长,履行好中心建设的第一责任,统筹谋划、靠前指挥、 主动上阵,把中心建设有机融入脱贫攻坚、乡村振兴、基层党建和城乡经济社会发展之中,带领乡镇、村“一把手” 履职尽责,形成三级书记带头抓、多部门齐落实的工作态 势。发挥文明实践中心统筹整合、指挥调度的作用,整合基层综合文化服务中心、党群中心、文化礼堂、农家书屋等阵地设施,汇集爱国主义教育基地、纪念场馆、名人故居、烈 士陵园等红色资源,统筹群团组织、企事业单位以及“五老”人员、公益人士等各方面力量,打破部门利益和条块分割,提高县、乡镇、村三级公共服务资源的综合使用效 益,实现从“物理变化”到“化学反应”乃至“生态效应”的深刻转变。

3. 围绕立德树人,把中心建设成为培养时代新人、私扬时代新风的精种家园。 深入研究和积极适应新形势新变化,针对不同群体、不同对象的思想实际和现实需求,把解 决思想问题与解决实际问题结合起来,把树新风、扬正气与打歪风、祛邪气结合起来,解决好农民群众的思想困惑、实际困难,营造好风清气正的社会氛围。发挥先进模范、身边 好人的示范引领作用,设计适当的活动载体,在全社会大力弘扬社会主义核心价值观,让模范人物更好带动群众,让群众敬好人、学好人、做好事。精心设计实施“我和我的祖国” 等群众性活动载体,开展多种形式的爱国主义教育,大力弘扬爱国奋斗奉献的崇高精神。乡村文明实践所、实践站要强化实践导向、价值导向,沉在第一线扎扎实实做群众工作, 努力竖起乡风文明的标杆,成为乡村治理的依托。把移风易俗作为着力点,推动完善村规民约、行为规范,引导群众自觉抵制封建迷信、宗教渗透、宗族势力等,抵制陈规陋习以 及腐朽落后文化侵蚀,涵育文明乡风、良好家风、浮朴民风。

4. 完善运行机制,把中心建设成为开展中国特色志愿服务的广阔舞台。 准确把握中国特色志愿服务的性质和内涵,彰显“学雷锋志愿服务”的价值底色,发扬“奉献、 友爱、互助、进步”的志愿服务精神,错鉴但不照搬其他国家开展志愿服务的经验,紧密结合我国国情和具体实际, 积极探索中国特色志愿服务特别是文明实践志愿服务的有效路径。加强对志愿服务的组织引导,有针对性地进行解化培育,重点打适群众急需、特色鲜明、高质量的志愿服务项目,以品牌项目汇聚志愿服务力量、服务广大群众。组织党员干部和专业人员做志愿者,动员群众自我服务、自我提高,积极探索百姓 “点单”、中心 “派单”、志愿者 “接单”、群众 “评单” 相贯通的工作模式,不断提高服务项目的精细化程度、专业化水平。把目光和力量更多聚焦到空巢老人、留守儿童以及特困群体身上,通过精准化、常态化的志愿服务,帮助他们解决生活中的实际困难,让他们感受到党的温暖、社会的温情。县一级要把志愿服务总队做实,切实提高县域志愿服务的组织化程度,激活群众中蕴藏的友善、互助正能量,搭建有人员、有项目、有规划、便捷高效的志愿服务平台.以这个平台为基础加强专业化培训,促进供需对接,不断提升服务质量。建立激励嘉许制度,完善保障措施,通过评优评先、积分管理、礼遇关爱等,增强志愿者自豪感荣誉感,引导志愿者在农村沉下心、扎下根。


1. 强化工作指导。 中宣部、中央文明办继续履行好牵头组织、督促落实的职责,试点工作指导组充分发挥作用, 中宣部部务会成员继续分片挂点抓试点工作。中央文明委有关成员单位积极参与挂点指导,结合职能职责主动作为、相互配合、形成合力。省、市两级党委宣传部把中心建设作为守正创新、开创新局的重要抓手,主要负责同志亲自抓、具体抓,加强统筹谋划,把中心建设放在宣传思想工作、思想政治工作大盘子中来思考、来部署,到基层去、到点上去, 务求抓出典型、补齐短板、以点带面。

2. 发挥“指挥部”作用。 县级党委是文明实践中心建设的责任主体、一线指挥部。要把握正确方向、把准定位、 履职尽责,发挥好主导推动、统筹推进的作用,探索完善 “中心吹哨、部门动员、各方参与” 的工作机制,形成县、 乡镇、村三级贯通,中心、所、站密切联动的工作格局。县委宣传部要把中心建设和基层宣传思想工作一体谋划、一体推进,不要搞成“两张反”、叠床架屋。把组织推动和吸引群众参与结合起来,激发厂大群众参与文明实践的积极性主动性创造性,引导人们发挥专长、自觉实践,形成人人参 与、人人服务、人人受益的生动局面。

3. 大胆实践创新。 把中央关于试点工作《指导意见》的要求深化细化具体化,突破一些陈旧的思维、固有的模式, 推动文明实践落地见效。坚持闯字当头、干字当先,力戒形式主义、官僚主义。根据自身实际,发挥首创精神,勇于创新创造,积极探索各具特色、富有成效的路径模式,积极探索将文明实践中心同县级融媒体中心、“学习强国” 平台联通融通的有效机制,以基层的创造力激发文明实践的生命力。

附:建设新时代文明实践中心试点县(市、区、旗) 名单

* * *


送:中央办公厅、国务院办公厅。 各省、自治区、直辖市党委,中央各部委,国家机关各部委党组(党委),解放军各大单位、中央军委机关各部门党委,各人民团体党组。 中央精神文明建设指导委员会委员。