Amy Chua and the Tiger Mother Furor

Judging from the explosive reaction to her recent Wall Street Journal editorial, it’s clear that Amy Chua's memoir Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother has set off a storm of controversy over the appropriateness of “Chinese parenting” in America. Or even China for that matter. Yet at the same time, the attempted assassination of Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona last week is getting equally vocal denunciations in the Chinese press, especially from critics of American democratization.

Today on Sinica, Kaiser Kuo, Jeremy Goldkorn, and Gady Epstein delve into both subjects with Sinica newcomers Sheila Melvin, China journalist and author of a recent book on Western classical music in China, and Adrienne Mong, whom you may know as producer for NBC News in Beijing. This is the episode where our childhood skeletons all come out of the closet, so listen in as everyone shares their horror stories about what it can mean to grow up Chinese in America, and Gady and Jeremy do their best to fit in anyway.

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