China 2010—Year in Review

This week we take a look back at China in 2010, revisiting some of the biggest stories we covered and discussing a few we missed. With Kaiser Kuo hosting the discussion as usual, our guests in the studio include Sinica stalwarts and regulars Jeremy Goldkorn and Gady Epstein of Danwei and Forbes fame respectively. Also contributing her insight is Li Xin, English Editor at Caixin, the leading independent business journal in China.

Need another excuse to listen? This week we’re pleased to add a new feature to Sinica, a short summary of the week’s economic and business news courtesy of the journalists at Caixin. Topics covered in this week’s briefing include signs of political conflict over China’s coming property tax, the 700-billion-RMB expansion of China’s railroad network, the specter of slow growth in China’s manufacturing sector, and the burgeoning threat of inflation in China.