China 3.0

A Sinica Podcast

Today on Sinica, join us for a discussion on economics, politics, and geopolitics with Mark Leonard from the European Council on Foreign Relations. Our specific focus is China 3.0, the council’s recent compendium of essays on contemporary Chinese approaches to policy issues from leading Chinese intellectuals and thinkers.

What is China 3.0? The thinking behind this book is that China’s recent leadership transition in Beijing marks the country’s shift into a third stage of its development following the Maoist revolution in 1949 and Deng Xiaoping’s embrace of market reforms in the late 1970s. This is a meaty discussion about people, ideas, and social change. So, join Kaiser and Jeremy as they grill Mark on what he thinks about recent developments in China and what they mean for Sinica listeners worldwide.



China 3.0

Edited by Mark Leonard
European Council on Foreign Relations
China’s once-a-decade leadership change is currently underway in Beijing. The new leaders will take power at a crucial time for China, as it enters the third stage of its development since the revolution. How they deal with the challenges ahead will...