Ghost Cities to Luxury Malls

Remember the good old days when people didn't talk obsessively about real estate and housing prices, and dinner parties would feature conversations about art? Well, so do we, but with those days long gone we're delighted to host two experts on the real estate market in China for a show that looks into the current state of China's most famous ghost towns from the last decade, as well as retail space, mall development, and more.

Joining host Jeremy Goldkorn for this discussion are Rob Schmitz, China Correspondent for American Public Media's Marketplace, who shares his personal experience visiting famous ghost cities like Ordos and who will tell us what these cities are like these days. Also in the studio is Timothy Coghlan, a long-time China hand and expert in the luxury and fashion industries who currently works as as an expert in the real estate market for the Savills real estate consulting company.