A Goodbye to the Magistad

Can it have been merely a few weeks ago that we sequestered Evan “The Turncoat” Osnos in our studio and grilled the celebrated writer on his decision to leave China for what must have myopically seemed like greener pastures? At the time, we intended our podcast to act as a deterrent against further defections among the Beijing literati and set a forceful example of why journalists should love China and stop hurting the feelings of the Chinese people.

Sadly, recent developments indicate that further intimidation tactics may be necessary, as it has now come to our attention that none other than Mary Kay Magistad is also leaving China. One of the legends in Beijing journalism, Mary Kay got her start in 1993 when she began work as National Public Radio’s full-time Southeast Asia correspondent. She later took charge of opening NPR's Beijing Bureau in 1996 before starting her decade-long involvement with The World. So clearly, we have quite a bit of debriefing to do...

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