The Guo Degang Affair and China Apologists

This week on Sinica, Jeremy Goldkorn, Gady Epstein, Will Moss, and David Moser join Kaiser to talk about the Guo Degang Affair. When a fight with the media at the famous comedian’s house became news, the incident sparked a week of heated public debate. This ended abruptly as authorities closed ranks, muzzled the outspoken comedian, and stepped-up an old-school campaign against the “three vulgarities.” Looking beyond the headlines, what does this tell us about the media in China and why does it matter?

On a different front, we also talk about the insidious phenomenon of China apologism. A lively debate over this topic has emerged in the Chinese blogosphere of late, especially regarding the controversial punditry of Shaun Rein. In an attempt to clear his name, Shaun joins us with an audio postcard and prompts a discussion of where the line should be drawn between presenting a nuanced perspective on China and defending the indefensible. When has someone simply gone too far?