Keep in Touch, Nightman

A Sinica Podcast

In 1997, Beijing was smaller city, and Keep in Touch, Jamhouse, and Nightman were the hippest venues around. There was no traffic on the ring roads, and if you got tired of Chinese food you might take a trip to Fangzhuang to visit this Italian restaurant that had suddenly appeared (should we go to Fangzhuang tonight, honey)? And the really plugged-in? They might even have heard of this new district called "Sanlitun" that had a couple of upcoming bars like Poachers....

This week on Sinica, Jeremy and Kaiser are joined by two old friends from the 1990s, Jess Meider (now a professional musician) and Jonathan Ansfield (now a professional journalist). If you're a long-timer in Beijing, or just curious what it used to be like, join us as we look back at youth, music, and share tips on how to do a backflip in a PLA-owned bars.