Laszlo Montgomery and the China History Podcast

The broken chopstick fell to our studio floor, its shaft splintered beyond repair where Laszlo had snapped it between his fingers. “Alone we are weak,” he looked Jeremy and Kaiser in the eyes while those of us outside the studio wondered faintly who would be cleaning up the mess. “But together,” he continued, pulling out a bundle of many more bound tightly between ribbons of silk. “Together we are unbreakable.”

As should be obvious from our title, this week on Sinica we are delighted to be joined by the one-and-only Laszlo Montgomery, the force behind the China History Podcast. We waylaid the creator of our favorite history podcast during his most recent trip to Beijing, and dragged him into the studio to hold him accountable for everything he says on his shows. So if you’re a fan like us, be sure to join us as we talk shop.