Myanmar’s Uncertain Glasnost

Buddhist terrorists, military juntas, resource clashes, and pro-Western democracy movements? If China has lulled you into thinking that Southeast Asia is predictable and boring, join us for this week’s discussion of Myanmar, the former client state of China which has undergone a remarkable transformation in the past five years, launching itself into an uncertain Glasnost that has opened the country to democracy internally as well as set it on-course for a foreign policy that is more skeptical of China and sympathetic to the West.

Joining Jeremy Goldkorn for this closer look at China’s Southern neighbor are guests Simon Montlake and Josh Gordon. The Beijing Bureau Chief for Forbes magazine, Simon has been a frequent visitor to Burma since 1998, and is the recent author of a piece on General Electric and their Burmese dreams. Coming from a more academic background, Josh is an expert on Burmese-Chinese relations. We are lucky to have them both on our show.