Occupy Sinica

Earlier this week, The New York Times published an editorial by prominent Chinese academic Yan Xuetong claiming that China would defeat the United States on the grounds of moral superiority. While the American bafflement over this piece has died down with the advent of a national day for mass turkey slaughter, we remain puzzled enough to have invited an unbiased contingent of international journalists to Occupy Sinica and give us the skinny on how the ever-simmering Chinese-American relationship looks from an international perspective.

Joining host Jeremy Goldkorn this week is a roster of journalists you’ve almost certainly read if you’ve been reading non-English-language coverage of China. We are pleased to welcome Claudia Trevisan, China correspondent for the Brazilian newspaper Or Estado De San Paolo, Badr Benjelloun, the Moroccan writer behind the great blog BeijingDaze, and Michael Anti, prolific Chinese blogger and writer for the Southern Media newspapers.