Partners and Rivals

Few will dispute that the Sino-American relationship constitutes the most important bilateral relationship of our time, shedding a sort of lunar influence on international politics which helps shape not only the dynamic of global tensions, but also the course of domestic politics in both superpowers. And while the United States may look uneasily on China as both partner and potential threat, there is no question that China harbors aspirations for a more important role in global politics.

With this in mind, Jeremy and Kaiser are delighted to be joined by Wendy Dobson to discuss the state of U.S.-Chinese relations in our show today. For those who may not know her, Wendy is the Former Associate Deputy Minister of Canada and now Adjunct Professor and Co-Director of the Rotman Institute of International Business at the University of Toronto, where she has recently published the book Partners and Rivals: The Uneasy Future of China’s Relationship with the United States.