The People’s Republic of Cruiseland

We have enough favorite writers on China that we’ve had to develop a sophisticated classification system just to keep track of everyone. That said, one of our hardest to place within the long-form taxonomy is Chris Beam, who you may have heard on past episodes talking about his experience in Chinese ping-pong bootcamp, or maybe his account of the birth of American football with the saga of the Chongqing Dockers.

If you liked those shows as much as we did, you’ll be delighted to hear that Chris is back this week to talk about his latest essay, an entertaining and surprisingly sympathetic look at the international cruise industry and its attempts to romance one of the least sea-faring countries on the planet. And considering the phenomenal timing of this show—taking place almost exactly as Jeremy Goldkorn “goes native” in America and enjoys his very first mega cruise—we hope you enjoy the show as much as we enjoy bringing it to you.