Review of Chinese Books

Looking for a little summer reading? This week, Sinica sorts the wheat from the chaff with a massive review of books on China. Our discussion touches on a everything from Chinese fiction to non-fiction academic works on Chinese politics, economics, and history. There’s a good selection here and a combative discussion: we'll tell you what we love, and what we hate, and why...

Joining Kaiser in the studio is Gady Epstein, Beijing bureau chief for Forbes magazine; Qing historian and popular blogger Jeremiah Jenne; and China public relations expert Will Moss. And rounding out the in-studio discussion we have digital postcards from a number of other Sinica contributors you'll remember from previous episodes: Jonathan Watts, Beijing-based correspondent for The Guardian; Sinica regular Jeremy Goldkorn; Kathleen McLaughlin, a prolific reporter for the Bureau of National Affairs and Global Post; and David Moser, all-around renaissance man and current Academic Director for CET Beijing.

Podcast, Culture, Literature