The Shanghai Train Accident

At least 284 people were injured on Tuesday when a train in the Shanghai metro smashed into another which had stalled on the tracks. The accident, which threw Shanghai into disarray, came only two months after another near-disastrous incident on the same line, and only three after a disaster on the high-speed bullet line connecting Wenzhou and Hangzhou. Like those early accidents, this one also sparked derisive outbursts from Chinese netizens, who took to their keyboards to ridicule the official characterization of the event as a “minor accident.”

This week on Sinica, we’re delighted to host Ananth Krishnanin, the China correspondent for the Hindu, who joins our hosts Kaiser Kuo and Jeremy Goldkorn for an in-depth discussion not only of this accident, but also of the general state of Chinese-Indian relations, which are showing strains as evidence rises suggesting the bilateral trade relations are somewhat one-sided. Ananth, Kaiser, and Jeremy also discuss the general state of Islam in China, and talk about how the diaspora is developing across the region.