Stirring up the South China Sea

This week on Sinica, as the situation in the South China Sea simmers and Chinese society turns noticeably xenophobic, we’re pleased to be joined by Stephanie Kleine-Ahlbrandt from the International Crisis Group, a non-governmental organization that has just released a fantastic report on the actors and factors in Chinese policymaking that are contributing to increased tensions in the South China Sea. In contrast with much of the writing on this issue, which assumes that China is a unitary actor, this report reveals a more complex picture of competing government agencies. Don’t miss this episode if you’re curious about what is really happening in the South China Sea and why.

Joining Stephanie in our studio today is another guest we are delighted to have: Jeremiah Jenne, Dean of Chinese Studies at the IES program in Beijing, and the force behind the popular China blog Jottings from the Granite Studio. An expert on Chinese history and observer of current trends, Jeremiah joins us to talk about the recent upsurge in anti-foreign behavior in the Chinese media, including a new social movement encouraging Chinese citizens to turn in illegal foreign residents and workers.