When Media Attacks

This week on Sinica, we find out what happens when the media attacks and China is caught in the crossfire. Specifically, recent weeks have brought us two prominent cases of bad press for China as the country gets caught in loaded battles fought by unrelated parties. In the first, an American political advertisement raises the specter of a U.S. economic collapse. The second is more homegrown, as two giants in the dairy industry are caught spreading lies to promote short-term sales.


With Kaiser Kuo out of the country on a speaking tour, the chairing role in Sinica today is filled by Gady Epstein, Beijing Bureau Chief for Forbes magazine. Joining him with his always candid insights into Chinese media is Jeremy Goldkorn of Danwei fame. Also joining us in the studio are Chinese public relations expert and Imagethief blogger Will Moss, and Beijing correspondent for The Guardian Tania Branigan.