Who Will Save Us from the Self-help Revolution?

A Sinica Podcast

Someone desperately needs to call a fumigator, because China’s self-help bug is eating up the woodwork. Train station bookstores may always have served the genre’s trite pablum to bored businessmen legging it cross-country, but in recent months the popularity of the cult has spread more widely, to the point one can’t go to a party these days without being accosted for one’s thoughts on “the Secret,” or hear coworkers fume over where their cheese might have gone and which of their colleagues has probably taken it.

Drowning in this morass of anti-Enlightenment thinking? Join us on Sinica as we excoriate the self-help movement in a show featuring an almost unanimous bewilderment, tempted only by the fascinating insights of Eric Hendricks, Peking University postdoc and lecturer and researcher on this fascinating topic.


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