The Wikileaks Revelations, Part II

Kaiser’s despair on learning that last week’s Sinica episode had been lost in a freak weather accident turned quickly to plotting. “We’ll simply have to make up for it somehow,” he mused. Which is how today’s special show came about: a better, stronger, and perhaps even genetically-modified weekend version of everyone’s favorite Chinese podcast. But no worries—our same off-the-cuff and no-holds-barred rules apply.

And we have a full house in the studio, too. Joining Kaiser are Sinica stalwarts Jeremy Goldkorn of Danwei fame, Gady Epstein of Forbes, and renowned China public relations expert Will Moss. Mary Kay Magistad of Public Radio International also joins the crew as they kick around more juicy tidbits from the Wikileaks data-dump, take delight in the U.S. Embassy’s new and unofficial moniker for Beijing air quality, and talk about some of the topics we meant to bring you last week.

Be sure to listen to Part I and Part III.

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