The Wikileaks Revelations, Part III

As Interpol deepens its investigation into Mr. Assange’s use of birth control and financial service companies feel the wrath of script-kiddies worldwide, our own crew of Internet vigilantes sifts through the remains of the Wikileaks data-dump in search of all the hot China-related news and gossip the American government does not want you to know.

This week: join Kaiser Kuo, Jeremy Goldkorn, and Will Moss as Sinica considers the evidence linking the recent spate of Google attacks to the head of the C.C.P. Propaganda Department, and takes a hard, close look at Xi Jinping’s taste in American cinema. Xi Jinping is the presumed front-runner to replace Hu Jintao as Party Secretary in 2012, and his favorite Spielberg film is a genuine shocker. Also: recent developments in the Nobel Prize drama and yet another controversial Chinese alternative.