Flag Raising Ceremony Held on China’s First Aircraft Carrier

Various front pages in China today feature glowing reports of China’s first aircraft carrier on whose platform a flag raising ceremony was held yesterday. Yet the fact that it happened is just about everything we know for sure about the ship. The Shenzhen Evening Post (深圳晚报) has a special feature today on the carrier, filled with speculation as to when the ship will be formally launched and who the captain will be. Officially the ship is called China’s first aircraft carrier Platform 16 warship (中国第一艘航母平台16号舰), and yesterday while it was moored in the port of Dalian in Liaoning province a special flag raising ceremony was held on its deck at 4 pm. At 4:26 pm, the five-starred flag of China was raised on the mast on the bridge, while two other military flags were simultaneously raised on the bow and stern of the ship.

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