Chinese State Media Mocks Trump’s “Emotional Venting” on Twitter

“Only the Fake News Media and Trump enemies want me to stop using Social Media,” Donald Trump tweeted Tuesday morning, referring to himself, characteristically, in the third person. “Only way for me to get the truth out!” Of course, the list of people who would like the president to stop tweeting extends far beyond his “enemies.” His wife, Melania Trump, has urged him to give up the daily habit. His lawyers have begged him to stop, as has Kellyanne Conway’s husband and Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski (“Do you want to be remembered for your tweets or your accomplishments?”). G.O.P. leadership lives in fear of what he might say next. Polls repeatedly show that voters across the ideological spectrum wish he would give it a rest. Of all the challenges facing newly installed White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, perhaps the most daunting is trying to reform and reorder the West Wing when the president routinely blows up the day’s talking points, resets the news cycle, and undermines his own agenda by going rogue on Twitter.

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