Spoils of the ‘Tiger’ Hunt

An Interactive Timeline

Early this week, the Chinese Communist Party announced the expulsion from its ranks of Xu Caihou, who before his retirement in 2012 was one of the highest ranking officers in the People’s Liberation Army. He also became the highest-ranking member of the Chinese military to have been put under investigation for corruption in three decades.

Xu’s ouster comes on the heels of a host of dismissals and investigations of other occupants of lofty political office since Xi Jinping became China’s leader a year and a half ago. Our partners at Caixin recently published a graphic list of these key targets in Xi’s anti-corruption campaign, and David Barreda and Yan Cong have adapted it, adding their own research, to create this interactive timeline.


Ages of the officials are given as of the year they left office.

(This above text has been corrected to clarify the year Xu retired and his position in the People’s Liberation Army.)