Arrow Factory Video

Arrow Factory Video was founded in 2016 under the umbrella of the emerging news website Jiemian. It is dedicated to creating original, captivating content that takes a fresh look at modern Chinese society from a variety of perspectives, and seeks to show a diversity of individuals and groups that contrast with the norms of Chinese society and the world.

Arrow Factory Video believes that most online video content in China lacks deep insight into meaningful social issues. Visuals have the power to pierce through noise and ambiguity and strike directly at the heart of a story, and to capture the viewer with the truth. Arrow Factory Video aims to satisfy the entertainment needs of viewers while at the same time widening their worldviews, and creating sparks of new ideas. Of their work, they say, “These are real stories that bend your imagination. And they’re constantly unfolding.”

Last Updated: September 18, 2017



From Pimp to Politician

Guo Rongfei from Arrow Factory Video
Walking through Kabukichō, a densely packed red-light district in Tokyo, one sometime spots 58-year-old Li Xiaomu, eager to point tourists to a good time. Born in the city of Changsha, Hunan province, Li moved to Tokyo in 1988 to study fashion...



Ou Chen’s Good Run

Guo Rongfei & Muyi Xiao from Arrow Factory Video
The number of Chinese racers has risen dramatically—a phenomenon that Chinese media call a “marathon fever.” Obed Tiony, a Kenyan studying at Shanghai University, works as an agent for some 300 runners from Kenya and its neighbor Ethiopia. Tiony’s...



I Married a Beautiful Ukrainian Woman and So Can You

Zong Ming from Arrow Factory Video
Mei Aisi owes his business to his Internet celebrity, and his celebrity to his wife. Before he met her, Mei, a working-class native of the northern Chinese city of Chengde, didn’t have much going for him. He’d scored poorly on China’s college...