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ArtDaily is an award-winning international news organization that covers art related news and feature stories from every corner of the globe. 

Founded in 1996, ArtDaily publishes news on the Web (artdaily.com), via twitter, facebook and an email news briefing. ArtDaily is recognized for its balanced, insightful take on the news, and for the fresh, independent voice it offers.

ArtDaily has always sought to meet the needs of readers - to stay “ahead of the rest,”. Today, that means a multiplatform publication with Web and email components.

Every day, we deliver:

• Topics that matter most to professionals — auctions, exhibition openings, personnel appointments, stolen art, museum openings, innovation, new technology applied to arts, global trends, and management best practices.

• Essential market information — including in-depth information 
on museums, galleries, artists and auctions.

• Breaking news — our editors go beyond the news to offer 
perspective with exclusive articles, images and videos.

ArtDaily’s stories are often cited by leading print and broadcast journalists, educators, policy makers, bloggers, and analysts. Art Daily strives to be the perfect balance between the objective and critical gaze into the arts and the subjective love and passion for these.

Last Updated: July 7, 2016

Landmark Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art Opens at Metropolitan Museum of Art

Craig Clunas
Art Daily
A major loan exhibition of contemporary Chinese art presenting works by 35 artists born in China is now on view at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, including 70 works in various media from the past three decades, from artists such as Xu Bing, Zhang...