Asian American Writers' Workshop

From their wesbsite:

The Asian American Writers’ Workshop is the preeminent national literary arts nonprofit dedicated to the belief that Asian American stories deserve to be told. We’ve garnered coverage from the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Huffington Post, Associated Press, Atlantic, Slate and NPR. Invited to the White House, named one of the top Asian American groups nationally, we seek to invent the future of Asian American intellectual culture. 

Last Updated: July 7, 2016

Excerpt: Qiu Miaojin’s Notes of a Crocodile

Qiu Miaojin
Asian American Writers' Workshop
Qiu Miaojin—one of the first openly lesbian writers in ’90s post-martial-law Taiwan—committed suicide at the age of 26. What follows is an excerpt from her “survival manual” for a younger generation. With an introduction by translator Bonnie Huie.

Nonsense Made Sense: The Downside Up World of Stephen Chow

La Frances Hui
Asian American Writers' Workshop
A young woman, Ah Qun, has gone where few right-minded human beings would dare go: a heavily guarded mental institution. She is on a mission to track down a mysterious man she spotted the night before who bravely confronted a spooky ghost. But as...