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Last Updated: July 7, 2016



Why Beijing’s Troubles Could Get a Lot Worse

from Barron’s
Few foreigners know China as intimately as Anne Stevenson-Yang does. She has spent the bulk of her professional life there since first arriving in 1985, working as a journalist, magazine publisher, and software executive, with stints in between...

How Much Foreign Debt Has China Repaid?

Chi Lo
China began to repay its foreign debt, which promotes systemic stability but puts a downward pressure on yuan.

Why Beijing’s Troubles Could Get a Lot Worse

Anne Stevenson-Yang
Anne Stevenson-Yang: China, for all its talk about economic reform, is in big trouble. The old model of relying on export growth and heavy investment to power the economy isn’t working anymore.

A Hard Landing?

After three decades of annual growth averaging 10%, China's bullet-train economy is slowing markedly. Economic problems in Europe and the U.S. are stunting export growth, long the primary driver of China's economic miracle. Growth in...