China Economic Quarterly

From their website:

Since 1997 the China Economic Quarterly has been the leading source of analysis and understanding of the Chinese economy for business leaders, diplomats, academics and other China-watchers. 

Each 52-page issue (downloadable in PDF format) contains:
- A concise yet comprehensive analysis of the latest economic data 
- An in-depth research article on a major topic
- Several short articles on sectors, trends, companies and people

The China Economic Quarterly is published by Dragonomics Research and Advisory, which offers a range of research and consulting services to corporations and financial institutions.

Last Updated: July 7, 2016



Here Is Xi’s China: Get Used To It

Arthur R. Kroeber from China Economic Quarterly
The prevailing mood among China-watchers in 2014 was one of anxiety and skepticism. The year began in the shadow of Chinese assertiveness in the East and South China Seas. Economic concerns quickly took over: by February the property market seemed...