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The CPI blog provides a platform for commentary and analysis on current events in China and East Asia. It aims to provide multiple perspectives from academics and practitioners across the globe. The CPI blog does not privilege any political position and posts and comments reflect the views of individual authors not the CPI or the University of Nottingham. 

Last Updated: June 21, 2016

Managing NGOs in China

Yongshun Cai
China Policy Institute Blog

The Overseas NGO Law and Its Effects on Chinese NGOs’ Contribution to Global Development

Jennifer Y.J. Hsu and Reza Hasmath
China Policy Institute Blog

Building NGO Capacity and Autonomy in China

Shui-Yan Tang
China Policy Institute Blog

Four Years On: Where is Xi Jinping’s Anti-corruption Drive Headed?

Andrew Wedeman
China Policy Institute Blog
As the anti-corruption campaign launched by CCP General Secretary Xi Jinping approaches its fourth anniversary, the question ought to be asked: where is it going?

Duck-Rice, Honey Bees and Mandarins

Kathleen Buckingham
China Policy Institute Blog
There has to be a financial model which allows the farmers to see the impact of restoration on their business.

Decline of Primary Schools in Rural China: Causes and Consequences

Wenjin Long
China Policy Institute Blog
“Half of rural primary schools have disappeared between 2000 and 2010 and such a trend is still an ongoing process”, says Twenty-first Century Education Research Institution, a NGO based in Beijing. The rapid decline of primary schools in rural...