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Gawker Media Group’s web properties practice honest, conversational journalism about stories—whimsical or serious, joyous or grotesque—that matter, or should matter, to our readers. Some stories rely on our own reporting and ideas, and some respond to news generated elsewhere. The same rules apply.

No policy is sufficient to govern the decisions that our reporters and editors have to make on an hourly basis. But this policy should serve as a guide both to Gawker Media readers and staffers as to the kind of stories we should aspire to in each instance: Those that enlighten, challenge, decode, untangle, explain, reveal, and tell the truth.

Last Updated: June 27, 2016

China is Reportedly Screwing Up the Search For MH370

Jordan Sargent
With a handful of countries still searching the Indian Ocean for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, the one country annoying the others is China.

A Novel About A Dystopian Future China Wins the Chinese Nebula Awards

Charlie Jane Anders
‘The Waste Tide’ by Chen Qiufan is the winner of the Best Novel category in this year's China's Xingyun (Nebula) Awards. It’s hard to imagine the novel, which paints a pessimistic, dark view of a corrupt near-future China...

Rupert Murdoch and Bo Guagua's Ferrari

John Cook
A Chinese writer is claiming that Rupert Murdoch was behind one of the Wall Street Journal's more embarrassing recent corrections—the paper wrongly claimed that the son of disgraced Chinese politician Bo Xilai, who preached Maoist austerity,...