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CIR is among the most innovative, credible and relevant media organizations in the country. Reveal – our website, public radio program, podcast and social media platform – is where we publish our multiplatform work. With PRX, The Center for Investigative Reporting co-produces the “Reveal” radio show and podcast. “Reveal” features CIR’s reporting, as well as stories from public radio stations and a wide range of media partners, both nonprofit and commercial.

Last Updated: July 7, 2016

China’s Other Pollution Problem – Its Soil

Rachael Bale
China’s air pollution is infamous. The haze from belching factories and clogged highways can make it impossible to see buildings across the street. It forces schools to close. Face masks are commonplace. But China has another pollution problem –...

How China Maneuvered to Buy U.S. Pork Giant

Nathan Halverson
The Center for Investigative Reporting spent four months digging into the deal and produced two pieces that aired on PBS NewsHour over the weekend. The reporting was funded in part by the McGraw Center for Business Journalism at...