Rivers without Boundaries

The website of the Rivers without Boundaries Coalition, Rivers without Boundaries informs about the great rivers of northeast Eurasia and the Coalition’s work to protect them. Little information in English is available on Amur, Yenisey, Ob, and other transboundary rivers of that vast region. The Rivers without Boundaries Coalition is a collaborative international network of organizations and experts dedicated to preserving the health of transboundary river basins in northeast Eurasia through joint advocacy and promoting best practices in river management.

Last Updated: July 6, 2016



China-Backed Hydropower Project Could Disturb a Sensitive Siberian Ecosystem

from Rivers without Boundaries
Lake Baikal contains 20 percent of the world’s freshwater resources and affects the regional climate of North Asia and the Arctic Basin. The lake is home to 2,500 aquatic species and local communities in Mongolia and Russia revere the lake as the “...