Smoke Signal Projects

From their website:

We are an international team of documentary makers whose work is fuelled by a curiosity to tell compelling stories on film. We choose stories in which we have a unique and personal access and which we believe will contribute new perspectives to important societal issues. We create documentaries that are both poetic and complex, and at the core strive to be accessible to a wide audiences. 

Our documentaries surprise and move viewers through applying unique methods of production; we take the time it takes to make a good film. We like to dive deeply into a topic, get close to our characters and develop a unique style of image making to tell each story. Through finding the right people to collaborate with, we create a space for our documentaries to grow into unique and surprising experiences. 

In our role as producers we generate original ideas to a variety of partners and media. We understand ourselves as intermediaries who have a strong responsibility in sparking interest and finding financial support in order to create remarkable products. A key strength of our company is our presence in different countries which enables us to draw from a diversity of knowledge sources. Through our broad background, we can play an important role in connecting people and ideas over the world.

Last Updated: June 27, 2016

The Silk Road Of Pop

Sameer Farooq
Smoke Signal Projects
The film follows the trails left by a young Uyghur female named Ay and her interest in music, documenting her influences and portraying her musical idols in northwestern China.