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Last Updated: July 7, 2016

Xi, Trump Agree to Boost Win-Win Cooperation, Develop Constructive China-U.S. Ties

Chinese President Xi Jinping and his U.S. counterpart Donald Trump pledged Friday to boost win-win cooperation in a variety of areas and develop a constructive China-U.S. relationship.

One China Policy “Nonnegotiable,” China Tells US

China on Saturday told the United States that one China policy is the political foundation of bilateral ties and “is nonnegotiable.”

Death Toll from East China Residential Building Collapse Rises to 22

The latest survivor is a young girl, pulled from the rubble protected by the bodies of her parents, who were killed in the collapse.

Dialogue the Right Way Forward in Settling South China Sea Disputes

Fei Liena
“China's ‘dual-track’ approach offers an excellent opportunity” for dialogue, a Xinhua commentary argues.

Death Toll Rises to 34 in E China Landslide

The death toll has risen to 34 with four people still missing after a landslide in Taining County in east China's Fujian Province on Sunday.

China Focus: Campaigners Call For Education on Sexual Abuse

Lessons on how to avoid sexual abuse are absent from the national curriculum, and Sun wants to change this.

China Vows to Keep High Pressure on Corruption

Hua Xia
The Communist Party of China will maintain a heavy-handed approach against corruption, “with unabated forces and unchanging rhythm.”

Chinese Team Expresses Interest in California High-Speed Rail Program

The Chinese High Speed Rail Delivery Team is among 35 U.S. and foreign entities that expressed their interest in participating in the California High-Speed Rail(CHSR) program.

Military Sends Chemical Specialists to Blast Site, Death Toll Rises to 50

So far more than 1,000 firefighters, 151 fire engines and a drone have been dispatched to the blast site.

China Voice: Cooperation Prevails Over Confrontation in China-U.S. Ties

The dialogues will help pave the way for President Xi Jinping's state visit to the U.S. in September.

China Issues White Paper on Human Rights

China has made "tremendous achievements" on the "the correct path of human rights development that suits its national conditions."

China Voice: South China Sea Issue Should not Hinder China-U.S. Ties

A U.S. anti-submarine and maritime surveillance aircraft flew over waters off China's Nansha Islands last month.

PLA Daily Warns of Internet's Revolutionary Potential

Song Miou
The military should not only safeguard traditional national sovereignty and security, but also "protect ideological and political security on the invisible battleground of the Internet".

Fatal Police Shooting Under Investigation: Ministry

There are clear rules on the carrying and use of fire arms by police officers, and it will take time to confirm whether police had opened fire legally in the case.

Wang Qishan Highlights Party Discipline in Anti-Corruption Effort

Wang pledged to enhance institutional innovation and let discipline take the lead in the anti-graft campaign.