For Your Weekend, September 9, 2022

Sixth Tone recently published a striking photo series featuring people in the city of Xi’an who have taken up residence in a half-finished apartment complex. In a story repeated throughout China right now, the developer ceased building due to financial difficulties, leaving those who have already fully paid for their new homes little recourse as rents rise and their savings remain depleted from their real estate purchase. The photos contrast the stark concrete rooms with warmth and intimacy of their human inhabitants.

How secure is Xi Jinping’s leadership? In the latest edition of Foreign Policy, Cai Xia, a former Party member who now lives in exile in the U.S., expects that while Xi will likely hold onto his position it will be alongside “growing irritation” and deepening factions within the Party.

And finally, we recommend watching this video of workers at a roadside COVID check-point in Tibet performing a classical Tibetan opera while wearing full personal protective gear. Scholar Robbie Barnett provides more information about the opera, as well as some context, in a recent tweet thread.