Whose Century Is It, Anyway?

A Sinica Podcast

This live recording of Sinica at the Little Park restaurant in New York City on July 13 features the journalists Mary Kay Magistad and Gady Epstein discussing the increasingly complex “frenemyship” of China and the United States. They also talk about the South China Sea, the role of “old China hands,” and how the Middle Kingdom is changing the world and being changed by it. The title of the episode is taken from Mary Kay’s radio show and podcast, Whose Century Is it?

Mary Kay is a veteran radio journalist who has covered China, North Korea, Southeast Asia, Ethiopia, the Western Sahara, Kashmir and many other places for N.P.R., P.R.I. and other outlets. Gady has reported on business, current affairs, the internet, and politics in Asia and particularly China since 2002 for the Baltimore Sun, Forbes and The Economist, where he also began covering the media industry after moving back to the U.S. in 2015. They both are regular guests from the podcast’s early days.