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Once the Biggest Buyer, China Starts Dumping U.S. Government Debt

Min Zeng and Lingling Wei
Shift in Treasury holdings is latest symptom of emerging-market slowdown hitting global economy.

Putting the Past Behind in China

Chris Horton
The days of China’s relying on export manufacturing and infrastructure construction as drivers of economic growth are gone.

Troubles for the ‘China Model’

Meritocracy has worked for Beijing, but to survive, the system needs more openness.

China's Xi Says Economy Resilient, Has Huge Potential: State Radio

Judy Hua and Jake Spring
China's economy is resilient and has the capacity to maintain a long-term medium-to-high growth rate...

Bearish Bets Multiply as China Slows

Henry Sender
A slowdown in China is harder for its trading partners and manufacturing competitors than it is for China itself.

China Surprises With 7% Growth in Second Quarter

Mark Magnier
China’s growth remained at 7% in the second quarter, a level economists had thought would be hard to reach amid broad signs that Beijing’s policies to jump-start the economy hadn’t taken hold. 


Date Title Topics/Keywords
06.15.15 The People’s Republic of Cruiseland
Kaiser Kuo, Jeremy Goldkorn, David Moser
We have enough favorite writers on China that we’ve had to develop a sophisticated classification system just to keep track of everyone. That said, one of our hardest to place within the long-form taxonomy is Chris Beam, who you may have heard on past...
Business, Media, Society
05.29.15 Is the Shanghai Stock Market Bubble Finally Bursting?
David Wertime
A customer strolls into a bookstore, goes the popular Chinese joke, and tells the salesperson: “I’m looking for a book with no killers, but much bloodshed; with no love, but great regret; with no spies, but constant paranoia. Can you make a...
Business, Economy, Media
04.14.15 Henry Paulson: ‘Dealing with China’
Eric Fish
Speaking at Asia Society New York on April 13 with New Yorker correspondent Evan Osnos, former U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson explained that it’s impossible to predict the timing or magnitude of a financial crisis, but any country with government...
Economy, History, Politics, Society
03.26.15 Brother, Can You Spare a Renminbi?
Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian
Who deserves to be poor in modern China? One man in China’s southern Zhejiang province certainly seemed sympathetic: Each day, he pushed himself along the street on a homemade wooden skateboard, his apparently paralyzed legs tucked under his body,...
Economy, Media, Society, Urban Life
01.26.15 Does Size Matter? (In the U.S. and Chinese Economies, That Is...)
Taisu Zhang
Last week, President Obama’s State of the Union Address touted a U.S. economic recovery. Meanwhile, China’s economic growth is slowing and Ma Jiantang, head of the National Bureau of Statistics, has said that China’s economy, contrary to overseas media...
Business, Economy, Politics
12.10.14 Why Beijing’s Troubles Could Get a Lot Worse
Few foreigners know China as intimately as Anne Stevenson-Yang does. She has spent the bulk of her professional life there since first arriving in 1985, working as a journalist, magazine publisher, and software executive, with stints in between heading...
Business, Economy
08.12.14 Chinese Dreamers
Sharron Lovell, Tom Wang
A dream, in the truest sense, is a solo act. It can’t be created by committee or replicated en masse. Try as you might, you can’t compel your neighbor to conjure up the reverie that you envision. And therein lies the latent, uncertain energy in the...
Economy, Politics, Rural Life, Society, Technology, Urban Life
05.6.14 Chinese to the World: Ignore Our GDP
The U.S.-based World Bank grabbed everybody’s attention by announcing that China was poised to displace the United States as the world’s largest economy based on purchasing power. But a survey of the Chinese web shows people at home aren’t buying it.The...
Economy, Media, Society
04.30.14 Will China’s Economy Be #1 by Dec. 31? (And Does it Matter?)
William Adams, Damien Ma, Zha Daojiong, Arthur R. Kroeber, Derek Scissors, Taisu Zhang
On April 30, data released by the United Nations International Comparison Program showed China’s estimated 2011 purchasing power parity (PPP) exchange rate was twenty percent higher than was estimated in 2005. What does this mean? China's economy could...
Business, Economy, Media, Politics
02.11.14 Local Governments Aim for Lower GDP Growth This Year
Most of the local governments that have announced their GDP targets for this year aimed lower than they did in 2013, citing the need to rebalance the economy and improve the quality of growth. Many missed their growth targets last year.The announcements...
Economy, Environment, Politics
02.4.14 China’s Way to Happiness
Ian Johnson
Richard Madsen is one of the modern-day founders of the study of Chinese religion. A professor at the University of California San Diego, the seventy-three-year-old’s works include Morality and Power in a Chinese Village, China and the American Dream,...
Economy, Religion, Society
11.21.13 Dreams of a Different China
Ian Johnson
Last November, China’s newly installed leader, Xi Jinping, asked his fellow Chinese to help realize a “Chinese dream” of national rejuvenation. In the months since then, his talk has been seen as a marker in the new leadership’s thinking, especially as...
Economy, History, Politics
11.18.13 Xi Jinping Refills an Old Prescription
Orville Schell
The reforms called for by the Third Plenum of the Eighteenth Party Congress have been, like so much else in China over the past few decades, part of an ongoing Chinese quest for national unity, wealth, and power. But, for those of us steeped in Western...
Economy, Politics
10.23.13 To Save or Not to Save
China is known for saving money, and as the country has become wealthier, the household saving rate has increased. China’s personal saving rate has risen steadily since the mid-90s and now exceeds 50%, much higher than Germany’s 10%—considered high among...
Economy, Urban Life
06.7.13 What China is Getting Right
Kaiser Kuo, Jeremy Goldkorn, Jeremiah Jenne
Complain as we might about life in China, the last thirty-four years or so haven’t been all bad: we have seen three decades of roughly ten percent GDP growth, a whole lot of people eating a whole lot better than they did, and impressive progress...
Economy, Politics, Society
03.23.13 China’s Economic Policymakers Turning a Page
Written into the script for China’s once-in-a-decade leadership shuffle, confirmed at the recently concluded National People’s Congress, are macroeconomic policies for the new government that plot a course for future growth.The policy book has already...
Economy, Politics
01.20.13 How to Implement the “Going Out” Strategy
Now is the right time for China to implement its global outreach strategy.While seizing this opportunity, we should also guard against risk first, with a sense of calmness. This means adhering to business decisions and sound operations, considering risks...
01.14.13 Governing Health in Contemporary China
Yanzhong Huang
The lack of significant improvement in people’s health status and other mounting health challenges in China raise a puzzling question about the country’s internal transition: why did the reform-induced dynamics produce an economic miracle, but fail to...
09.27.12 China’s Lost Decade
Ian Johnson
It’s hard to believe, but just twenty years ago China was on the verge of abandoning the market reforms that have since propelled it to its current position as a world power. Conservatives had used the 1989 Tiananmen massacre to reverse the country’s...
Business, Economy, Politics, Society
09.18.12 A Mosque of Their Own
Kathleen McLaughlin
The women of Sangpo know well they are the guardians of a 300-year-old custom that sets them apart in Islam and they are increasingly mindful that economic development could be that tradition’s undoing.Sangpo, a dusty hamlet about two hours from the...
Religion, Society