2016 Elections in a Changing Asia-Pacific

A China in the World Podcast

With Tsai Ing-wen taking office in Taipei next week and the U.S. presidential election approaching, new players will be taking the reins in the Asia-Pacific. In this podcast with Paul Haenle, Douglas Paal discusses the future of U.S.-China relations and the broader Asia-Pacific region in the wake of these leadership transitions in the United States and Taiwan.



Those Taiwanese Blues

Anna Beth Keim
“Brainwashed slave!”“Running dog of the Kuomintang!”These are the sentiments 27-year-old Lin Yu-hsiang expects to find on his Facebook page as a result of his campaigning work for the Kuomintang (KMT), or Nationalist Party, ahead of Saturday’s...

Paal says that Asia has not commanded the attention of U.S. voters so far, given the current turmoil in the Middle East and crises in Europe. In a shift from his advice following Obama’s re-election, Paal suggests that the new U.S. president should take time to put his or her administration in place before pursuing any wide-ranging discussions with mainland Chinese leaders. Cross-Strait ties are important for the region at large, yet Paal asserts that the tenor of these relations will depend primarily on China’s actions in the coming months.



How Contagious is Taiwan’s Democracy?

Richard Bernstein
The old barriers have crumbled, the old animosities have abated, and as a result, millions of people from the authoritarian mainland of China now spend various lengths of time on democratic Taiwan. In fact, the two-way traffic is tremendous. On...

China’s Relations with a Strategic Europe

Paul Haenle & Jan Techau from Carnegie China
For many years, China-E.U. relations have been driven singularly by mercantilism, but diplomatic engagement between Beijing and Brussels increasingly features a geopolitical component. In this podcast with Paul Haenle, Carnegie Europe Director Jan...