Peter Ford is currently the Beijing bureau chief for The Christian Science Monitor. Over a thirty-year career in journalism, he has lived in and reported from Central and South America, the Middle East, Russia, Europe, and China for a variety of publications, including The Financial Times, The Independent, The Economist, and The Christian Science Monitor.

As an Englishman married to a Frenchwoman working for an American newspaper in different parts of the world, he has cultivated an international outlook on current events. He hopes that helps put them into a useful perspective for his readers.

Ford is the author of Around the Edge, an account of a journey he made on foot and by small boat down the Caribbean coast of Central America. He is currently the President of the Foreign Correspondents Club of China.

Last Updated: May 2, 2014

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Joe Biden and the ADIZ Fracas

Kaiser Kuo & Peter Ford
On the weekend of November 23, Beijing announced the establishment of a new Air Defense Identification Zone. Covering a large swath of the East China Sea, the move was intended to assert China’s control over disputed islands in the region, and...

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