Shirley Han Ying is a documentary filmmaker, videographer, and video editor based in France. She specializes in visual storytelling, camera operating, creative editing, as well as production management.

With more than nine years of experience in media, Han has produced daily news, special video features, and documentaries for major news networks, including CNN and The Guardian. In her spare time, she volunteers to produce, film, and edit promotional video for charities and nonprofit organizations.

Han has lived and worked in China, South Korea, Iran, Hong Kong, and France, and her work has taken her to many other countries around the world.

Last Updated: May 21, 2014



Staying Afloat

Lynn Zhang & Shirley Han Ying
In “Staying Afloat: Life on a Disappearing Lake,” Chinese filmmakers Lynn Zhang and Shirley Han Ying train their camera on the people who have been both perpetrators and victims of Lake Baiyangdian’s decline in water supply. They show us not just...