Anne Stevenson-Yang co-founded J Capital Research in late 2007 and is J Capital’s Research Director. Her coverage areas include solar, Internet, medical devices, property, some consumer and direct-sales names, and China’s macro-economy. Stevenson-Yang was co-founder of a group of Online Media Businesses called Blue Bamboo Ventures and also founded and operated a CRM software company, Clarity Data Systems, and a publishing company whose flagship magazine is City Weekend. Over 25 years in China, she has also worked as an industry analyst and trade advocate, heading the U.S. Information Technology Office and, from 1993 to 1997, the China operations of the U.S.-China Business Council. Stevenson-Yang authored the China Alone: China’s Emergence and Potential Return to Isolation, in which she argues that China historically repeats a cycle of expansion and retreat.

Last Updated: May 17, 2017



Keeping the Flies Out

Anne Stevenson-Yang from Mekong Review
The first time I rode a public bus in China, in 1985, a young woman came up to me and ran her hand up and down my arm to feel the body hair. Foreigners were like rare animals then: precious, strange, probably dangerous. Surveillance was constant and...



How Big a Deal is the New U.S.-China Trade Deal?

Wendy Cutler, Zha Daojiong & more
Last week, the United States and China announced a new trade deal on the eve of China launching a sweeping conference to promote its One Belt, One Road development and infrastructure investment initiative. How good are the terms of the Washington-...