ChinaFile Presents: A Wild Ride through China’s Economy with Author Anne Stevenson-Yang


The 1980s were an extraordinary time of hope in China, both for its citizens and for foreign visitors. Anne Stevenson-Yang first went to China in 1985, where she was enchanted by the lively cultural scene and what seemed to be the growing openness of the country’s political system. But there’s very little of that optimism left.

Stevenson-Yang worked in China as an entrepreneur, lobbyist for U.S. business, publisher, tech startup founder, business commentator, and financial analyst for about three decades, and she had a front-row seat to the events she describes in her new book: Wild Ride: A Short History of the Opening and Closing of the Chinese Economy. She has also just published a collection of short fiction set in China titled Hello, Kitty and Other Stories.

Stevenson-Yang discusses both books with ChinaFile Editorial Fellow Jeremy Goldkorn in this interview recorded in late February.