Bill Bikales is a Harvard-trained Economist and East Asia Specialist, currently heading Bikales Advisors in Washington, DC, an economic and political advisory service. He has a track record of major achievement in supporting macroeconomic policy reform in developing economies, having led highly successful economic policy programs in China, Mongolia and Ukraine, and served for three years as Principal Economist for Southeast Asia at the Asian Development Bank.  Bill’s particular focus is economic and political development trends in China and Mongolia, having worked in both for extended periods and frequently returning to both for analytical and policy work. He worked for nine years in China, where he was responsible for economic policy work for several United Nations agencies, and for eight years in Mongolia including 6 years as Economic Advisor in the Prime Minister’s Office.  Bill received two medals from the Government of Mongolia in recognition of his contributions to Mongolian development.  He speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese and in addition to China and Mongolia has lived and worked in Ukraine (3 years), Philippines (3 years), Hong Kong (3 years) and Taipei (2 years.)  His publications have dealt with the political economy of fiscal, financial, social and environmental policy-making in China and Mongolia.


Last Updated: April 1, 2021



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