Chris Fenton most recently served as the President of DMG Entertainment Motion Picture Group & General Manager of DMG North America, orchestrating, internationally, the creative and business activities of DMG—a multi-billion-dollar global media company based in Beverly Hills with a China component publicly traded on the Shenzhen Exchange. Specifically, Fenton supervised the development, financing, production, marketing, and distribution of DMG’s globally-focused entertainment content. In addition, he managed DMG’s vast library of intellectual property as well as directed the M&A and strategic investment usage of DMG’s capital resources. Fenton also produced or supervised 20 films ranging from big budget franchises—Iron Man 3, Point Break, and 47 Ronin—to more niche-oriented films—Looper, Waiting, Blockers, and Chappaquiddick—grossing almost $2 billion in the worldwide box-office. Fenton currently serves on the Boards of the U.S.-Asia Institute, the China-Hollywood Society, Cornell in Hollywood, and Arcturus VR, and is an active member of the ATAS and the PGA. Fenton, an engineering graduate of Cornell University, spent the first eight years of his career as a William Morris Agency television & motion picture agent.

Last Updated: April 10, 2018



China’s Communist Party Takes (Even More) Control of the Media

Stanley Rosen, Chris Fenton & more
China’s Communist Party made moves last month to solidify and formalize its (already substantial) control over the country’s media. China’s main state-run broadcasters are to be consolidated into a massive new “Voice of China” under the management...