(Photo Credit: Andrew H. Walker—Getty Images)

George B. Schaller is a field biologist, born in 1933, who for years was affiliated with the Wildlife Conservation Society and more recently also with Panthera, both located in New York. He spent much of his time during the past half-century in Asia, Africa, and South America, studying and helping protect a variety of species and their habitats. These studies have been the basis for his scientific and popular writings including books such as The Year of the Gorilla, The Deer and the Tiger, The Serengeti Lion, The Last Panda, and Tibet Wild. He continues his research and conservation work on the Tibetan Plateau of China, and also in India, Brazil, and other countries.

Last Updated: January 5, 2017



Can Beijing’s Ivory Ban Save the Elephants?

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On New Year’s Eve, Beijing announced it will ban the ivory trade in China, potentially shutting down the world’s biggest ivory market. Why did Beijing decide to curb the ivory trade? Will it put enough muscle behind it to enforce the decision? What...