Lucy Hornby is deputy bureau chief for the Financial Times in China, where she has lived and worked for almost 20 years. She covers politics, the environment and energy issues, as well as Mongolia. She has a special fondness for the mysteries of shadow banking. Prior to joining the FT, Lucy covered China for Reuters, and energy markets in Singapore and Latin America for Dow Jones and Energy Intelligence. If she ever makes it to Macao she will have reported from all of China’s provinces and regions.

Last Updated: September 29, 2017



The Beijing Migrants Crackdown

Jeremiah Jenne, Lucy Hornby & more
After a fire in a Beijing apartment building catering to migrant workers killed at least 19 people on November 18, the city government launched a 40-day campaign to demolish the capital’s “unsafe” buildings. Many Beijing residents view the campaign...



The End of China’s Economic Miracle? A Discussion with ‘Financial Times’ Writers

George Soros, Jamil Anderlini & more
On April 20, 2016, a panel of Financial Times correspondents and editors with China experience, joined by financier and occasional FT columnist George Soros, discussed rural-to-urban migration, wage growth, real estate ups and downs, the increasing...

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