Michael Hirson leads Eurasia Group’s practice for China and Northeast Asia, with a focus on China’s macroeconomic and financial policies, economic reforms, and the political developments affecting foreign firms and investors. Prior to joining the firm, he served for three years as the U.S. Treasury’s Chief Representative in Beijing. In that role, he engaged with China’s government and the private sector on a broad set of macroeconomic, financial, and investment issues. In addition to his time in China, Hirson worked on a range of international economic issues for the Treasury as well as the Federal Reserve Bank of New York over a 10-year period. He holds degrees from Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies and from Pomona College.

Last Updated: April 22, 2019



If the U.S. and China Make a Trade Deal, Then What?

Michael Hirson, Graham Webster & more
The U.S.-China trade war has always been about more than just trade. Among other issues, it represents a move towards the decoupling of the two economies. Sometime within the next few weeks, Washington and Beijing may call a truce on the trade war...