Milton Leal is a Brazilian journalist and film producer. Since 2015, he has been covering the relationship between China and Latin America, with a special focus on environment, trade, and infrastructure projects. He has written several articles for chinadialogue and Diálogo Chino. He also writes about the global development of blockchain and cryptocurrency markets. With over 10 years experience in the Brazilian energy sector, Leal recently wrote a book on the wholesale electricity market. He has independently produced two full-length documentaries, one following a two-month trip to the Amazon.

Last Updated: June 27, 2017



China is Driving a Boom in Brazilian Mining, but at What Cost?

Milton Leal
In the middle of northern Brazil’s Amazon jungle, Chinese-made digging equipment rasps at the bottom of a giant iron ore mine. Here in the municipality of Canaã dos Carajás in the Serra dos Carajás in Brazil’s Pará state, some 1,600 miles northwest...